Disturbing Elle Macpherson Lingerie Ad Resurfaces

The voyeuristic ad from 2004, showing a prone woman seemingly in distress, reemerged on Twitter yesterday.

1. “Blue Shoes”

ID: 1463276

This type of thing happens every now and then in advertising, and it is something that many companies and their ad agencies need to start realizing: none of their ads are ever old or dead.

The above 2004 Elle Macpherson Intimates ad, somehow, started spreading on Twitter yesterday. Sydney bra designer Renee Mayne (@BraQueen) tweeted that the ad “goes against EVERYTHING lingerie is about.”

Then, Jezebel picked up the thread. Writer Anna Breslaw said:

“When’s the last time a voyeuristic shot of a woman lying crumpled in her underwear on the floor in a defeated position, as if she’d just been thrown there, facing away from the camera, made you go “Ooh, I should order that demi cup!” Never? Yeah, me neither.”

Two of the other ads from the Australian campaign are below.

A fourth ad, showing a woman lying on a sofa with her left hand in her crotch, is NSFW. You can see it here.

The campaign certainly goes against the usual well-lit innocent-smile Victoria Secret’s approach to selling intimates.

Note: None of the anonymous models in the ads in Macpherson.

The Glue Society, the Australian-based ad agency behind the campaign, is known for their eye-popping work. They shot this truly amazing Fernet 1882 liqueur ad in 2011. In 2009, they created a fake Swine Flu Pandemic Alert billboard to promote a sketch comedy show.

ID: 1463284

2. “Ankles”

ID: 1463281

3. “Bath”

ID: 1463277

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