Hilarious And Terrifying 1950s Kids Safety Manual

What sick fuck created this thing?

1. The cover looks innocent enough.

ID: 1179737

2. But once inside, there’s death and mayhem on every badly-drawn page.

ID: 1179720

3. Looks like an outlaw got killed. I have no problem with that.

ID: 1179724

4. The creepy stranger — who looks a bit like actor Peter Lorre — has a gimp arm.

ID: 1179697

5. Fair enough: But which one is Bill and which one is Joe? I NEED TO KNOW.

ID: 1179708

6. Bob, I guess, is fine.

ID: 1179714

7. these kids are TERRIBLE bike riders.

ID: 1179712

8. This one isn’t.

ID: 1179704

9. My back! My books!

ID: 1179710

10. Yep, he’s a dead boy.

ID: 1179711

11. So, his hand got dyed red? That doesn’t look that painful, crybaby.

ID: 1179719

12. I can’t read that face at all. Stoned?

ID: 1179700

13. *jesus*

ID: 1179706


This macabre 1969 safety manual has five dead boys and one dead baby.

ID: 1179743


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