99 Funny Signs

Range is from “mildly funny” to “pretty funny.”

2. Flown over The Hamptons last weekend.

3. A Gay man, a hate-crimes victim, is running for office in Phoenix. These are his campaign signs. Read the story on Death and Taxes.

5. EXIT or NOT AN EXIT? It’s a 2-2 tie.

9. Nice Holy Hand Grenade riffing.

16. Work site in Australia.

20. Via Finland.

22. ATM in Germany.

30. In Tzfat, Israel.

31. Henry Rollins.

32. Via Oklahoma.

34. In a machine shop.

36. Discarded in a Petsmart parking lot.

47. In Iceland.

50. This is a napkin, not a sign, I know.

51. Via Schwetzingen, Germany. This is why Americans shouldn’t be allowed to travel.

58. If you live in New York City, you understand that his/her car battery is not dead.

63. You may have seen this one: outside a pre-school in Sacramento.

65. Unfortunately, with the capitalization of “W” in Women, this sign defeats its own purpose.

68. Via the parents of a 13 year-old boy.

71. Some guy made these stickers and placed them in men’s restrooms.

72. In London’s Jealous Gallery in Crouch End.

73. In New York City.

79. Via England.

87. Technically, a slip. But, #YOLO.

89. Why did “Sulley” become a black kid all of sudden? #MildRacism

90. Party Cannon rocks the hardest.

94. Several of these currently up in downtown Manhattan.

95. Men’s urinal diamond ad.

96. JC Penney’s in California.

Via email tips.

97. Anti-Opium signs in Laos.

98. Let’s end this with two from the pros.

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