88 Funniest Signs From This Summer

Humans sure do like making signs. There’s an 88% chance that you’ll laugh at at least one of these.

1. Running for mayor in Germany.

2. A redditor then made the perfect gif.

4. Every sign has a story…

5. Public shaming from Father.

6. As a distance runner, I can confirm that this is very true.

8. Or too stupid. Enfield Library in England.

9. I’d rather have free pie, but OK.

11. Bushwick, Brooklyn.

15. Movie Theater in Utah.

16. At the Cincinnati Zoo.

18. “My friend, it’s time for you to get it hard” — in Paris.

23. In Georgia.

25. On an army base.

26. A Denny’s bathroom.

27. Copenhagen.

31. True story, via Virginia.

33. Hotel in Bali.

34. Not sure if typo.

37. Should be up in every gym.

39. Office signs are the best.

45. The music teacher has had enough.

46. Horse owner has had enough.

47. Campus liquor store.

48. Liquor store.

49. At a Chinese restaurant.

50. Inside a gas station bathroom.

54. Fuck da… etc.

56. Missed my train by 56 years.

57. There’s probably already a porno with than title.

59. At Fenway Park, of course.

60. In an ER break room.

62. “Duck”

63. Not your usual gas station sign.

64. New Orleans.

65. This sign would please Bowie.

66. I doubt this an official sign via the Mayor’s Office.

68. at the DMV.

70. Campground humor.

77. 7-eleven.

78. In Minot, ND.

79. I would ask for a discount.

80. This is a great poster.

81. Dublin bar.

83. Must be near the bathrooms.

84. Passive aggressive tattoo shop.

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