40 Most Controversial/Creative PlayStation Ads

Sony pushed the boundaries. Sometimes, a bit too far.

1. Lara Christ ( Catholics went ballistic, of course)

From 2000, via France.

ID: 1145280

Many of these ads — and most of the crazier conceptual ones — were created by the Paris office of worldwide ad agency TBWA.

In recent years, PlayStation advertising worldwide has gotten much tamer, which is a shame.

ID: 1145679

2. Christ, nailed by the PS symbols.

2003, via France.

ID: 1145434

3. Blow-up Doll

From 2004, via France.

ID: 1145364

4. The famous Mushroom Clown

Via France.

ID: 1145516

5. The infamous Thumb Penis Boy (the six-pack is very untruthful advertising)

Via Austria.

ID: 1145268

6. Sony is probably responsible for more sleepless nights than any other company.

From 2001, via France.

ID: 1145339

2001, Via France.

ID: 1145286

From 2001, via France.

ID: 1145418

9. Born to Game

2005, via France.

ID: 1145428

10. Rebirth

from 2003, via France.

ID: 1145293

11. Free Yourself

2007, via Spain.

ID: 1145531

12. Death waits for no one, except gamers.

2006, via Romania.

ID: 1145645

13. A lot of Death or Birth riffing in the ads over the years.

ID: 1145653

14. Two ads for the white PSP Portable. Here, a domanatrix.

Via Germany.

ID: 1145465

15. And here, the Grim Reaper.

Via Germany.

ID: 1145472

Via Belgium.

ID: 1145289

17. Soldiers building a monument to you, player.

Via Chile.

ID: 1145305

18. Orcs building a monument to you, player.

Via Chile.

ID: 1145308

19. Your boxer worships you.

Via Chile.

ID: 1145314

20. PlayStation’s European ad for “Play Outside Day”

ID: 1145330

21. Multi-award winning ads for the Portable.

Last year, via Spain.

ID: 1145480

22. 2nd ad

Last year, via Spain.

ID: 1145483

23. Mr. PlayStationHead

From 2004, via France.

ID: 1145347

24. Serious gamers

Via France.

ID: 1145371

25. Note the Puppy Plug.

From 2004, via France.

ID: 1145377

26. Very conceptual. All the princes are busy gaming, leaving poor Sleepy Beauty to sleep forever.

From 2004, via France.

ID: 1145399

27. Kama is missing her Sutra because he is gaming.

Via France.

ID: 1145506

28. Grand CLIO Award winner.

2006, via France.

ID: 1145437

29. Now so cheap, anybody can afford it. So, your other toys are shuffling off this mortal coil.

2003, via Italy.

ID: 1145496


Via Malaysia.

ID: 1145510

31. Dude’s getting a transfusion from WWII German general Erwin Rommel. Ad upset more than a few people.

Via Chile.

ID: 1145545

32. As long as I can still game.

Via Spain

ID: 1145553

33. Matryoshka-vertising. Uh, inside every fat gamer is a skinny white girl? Fuck if I know.

Via Spain.

ID: 1145568

34. Not afraid of mocking blind people

2007, via Spain.

ID: 1145596

35. River Of Blood for “The Getaway”

2004, via the UK.

ID: 1145612

36. “Games for girls and boys”

From 2000, via France.

ID: 1145411

37. The panties are shaped like the PS symbols.

ID: 1145528

38. The boy gamers ate this one up.

Via France.

ID: 1145387

39. The headless 4-boobed woman

Last year, via France.
Copy translation: “Touch both sides. Twice the sensations.”
The Vita has a front touchscreen and rear touch panel.
Many critics blasted the ad as sexist.

ID: 1145460

40. WHOA…

Via France.

ID: 1145407

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