24 Shirts That Would Get Men Laid Today

This was the 1970s — you and your ironic t-shirts will cower in fear.

1. Admit it ladies: you can’t take your eyes off those fucking feathers.

ID: 1336863

2. Even this doofy dork was bangin’ em three at time. The key? 100% unnatural shirts.

ID: 1336865

3. All three of these Arrow shirt studs — yes, even Bob — got more poontang than you.

ID: 1336875

4. The only question left for you honey is: what position will we start in?

ID: 1336887

5. The eyepatch? It makes me a better fashion photographer. Dinner?

ID: 1336896

6. Fourplay.

ID: 1336956

7. Just forgot this one, none of you wimps could handle it.

ID: 1336869

8. I can’t even look at this guy — androgen overload.

ID: 1336951

9. The ladies won’t leaf him alone.

ID: 1336954

10. In three seconds, she will be making like an arrow for his belt.

ID: 1336878

11. It was known in the 70s as “the Dacron® stare.”

ID: 1336955

12. They just left an orgy, and now they’re heading to…another orgy. Not a wrinkle in sight.

ID: 1336952

13. He’s got a killer shirt and a BIG gun.

ID: 1336890

14. Not satisifed yet, ladies?

Well, here’s 10 more of sexiest shirts from the 70s.

ID: 1336983

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