22 Sexy 1970s Men’s Underwear Ads


1. “I jumped across for you…because you were all yellow.”

2. You just can’t look away…

8. The only time 70s men waxed was poetic.

9. “I’m stealing these after the shoot.”

10. If you’re old enough, you remember seeing this ex-Orioles pitcher in his Jockeys EVERYWHERE. Palmer was the unofficial spokes-package of late 70s-early 80s men’s underwear.

13. Where did we leave our pants?

14. A rather non-aggressive looking chap, for a change.

15. Speak for yourself.

16. Actor Jack Scalia, pre-acting.

17. Damn hairless French dude.

18. Drip dry Bri-Nylon…

19. Can any of youz guys stand on your head?

20. Perfectly feathered hair.

21. OK — this Official BVD Stud is from 1980, but I had to include him.

22. Via Australia — RAWHIDE.

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