20 Racy, Funny, Insulting, Creepy “Down There” Care Ads

You know, down there. The ads run the gamut — both female and male ads.

1. Naughty Nads

Ad for Naughty Nads from 2006 scanned from Cosmopolitan.
That’s supposed to be a lightening bolt, far right bald pussy.

ID: 960374

2. Strip Ministry of Waxing

The Strip Ministry of Waxing in Singapore has run some attention-grabbing ads in recent years. This was a joint ad with the Cat Welfare Society, pleading with you ladies to add a temp bow tie tattoo to your bald nether regions.

ID: 960010

3. Strip Ministry of Waxing

ID: 960019

4. Strip Ministry of Waxing

Ah yes, the “cherry” reference.

ID: 960026

5. Strip Ministry of Waxing

Here, Strip partnered with PETA to create this rather graphic love wallet metaphor anti-fur ad.

ID: 960145

Note the Photoshopped arm hair.

ID: 959982

This partially-waxed hirsute man was paid to parade up and down a busy Vancouver beach handing out free samples of Parissa (a women’s waxing salon) wax strips.

ID: 960063

8. Benostan hymen gel

Ad via India for Benostan hymen gel, vaginal tightening goop for women over 40.
It’s an herbal product “which can be used as a lubricant, while at the same time enhancing the firming sensation of the intimate area during intercourse” (from their website).

ID: 960117

9. Lactacyd

Dutch Commercial for rosebud cleaner Lactacyd.
Ad agency: Grey Amsterdam

ID: 960097

10. Always

“So…how can we get her hoo-ha near his head?”

ID: 959983

11. Veet

Via Australia.

ID: 960185

12. Veet

Via the UK.
Very clever art direction.

ID: 960196

13. Queen Bee Waxing

Hilarious ad for Queen Bee Waxing of Culver City, California.
“The Kojak” — heh.

ID: 960229

14. Queen Bee Waxing

And, two more ads for Queen Bee.
That Photoshopped beaver is frightening.

ID: 960306

15. Frilly Lilly

Frilly Lilly is a “sanctuary of girliness” with several locations across Canada.
They specialize in waxing whisker biscuits.

ID: 960417

16. Brazilian Beauty

Clean poster for Brazilian Beauty, a chain of beauty salons in Australia.

ID: 960356

17. GBB beauty salon

Ambient poster for GBB beauty salon in Bucharest. The crudely drawn posters, promoting their “professional waxing” service, feature tear-off pubic hair phone numbers sticking out from the bikini bottom. Pretty clever, and very cheap.

ID: 960398

18. Salon Sov’a

Very creepy ad via Ukraine.
Do Ukrainian men really collect hair from their sexual conquests?
Salon Sov’a is a real business in Kiev, and this is a real ad.

ID: 960298

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