18 More Billboards Improved By Environment/Graffiti

Hate advertising? Here you go.

1. Microsoft “Surface” ad resurfaced by Poster Boy NYC.

ID: 1204681

2. LIVE FOR NOW — well, not you people down there.

ID: 1204687

3. Optimal location for a Girl Scouts billboard.

ID: 1204682

4. Five minute major, groin punch.

ID: 1204684

5. Obviously done on purpose by the store, but still…

ID: 1204692

6. Via Australia. May contain traces of “Toolworx”

ID: 1204757

7. “Oasis”

ID: 1204729

8. Via Berlin. Originally read: MAYBE NEVER WINS

ID: 1204760

9. Life is short — drink up.

ID: 1204766

10. Mother Nature says “No.”

ID: 1204691

11. Coors Light = Water

ID: 1204782

12. Hell is a Danger Zone.

ID: 1204876

13. A Russian “drive safely” billboard crashed into by unsafe driver (not a stunt). Copy translates roughly to “Speed must be reasonable.”

ID: 1204786

14. Noted coke fiend Kate Moss. Photo snapped during snowfall.

Photo by copyranter.

ID: 1204796

15. Via Brooklyn, Capital One billboard gets Greenspanned.

ID: 1204808

16. Via midtown Manhattan, two years after 9/11.

Photo by copyranter.

ID: 1204811

17. In Plattsburgh, NY. Syphilis…pass it on.

ID: 1204790

18. Via Beirut, where “FAP” is a mattress company. Love all the heavy machinery.

ID: 1204773


12 more Funny Billboard Placements.

10 more Billboards Improved by Graffiti.

ID: 1204936

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