15 Crazy Yoga Ads

Celebrate the ancient art of tearing muscles.

1. Pure Treatment Rooms, UK

Very nice.

ID: 1032671

2. Lotte Yoga School, The Netherlands

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stimulating his third chakra.
The pose is called Dwi Pada Sirsasana, fyi.

ID: 1032542

3. Guangyin Yoga, Shanghai

Press note: “In the Shanghai CBD, we placed a small-sized wooden box in the street. We asked our yoga master to get inside the box. Every time someone passed by, a hand would reach out with our club business card. Surprise!”
It’s a pretty smart (and damn cheap) idea for a local business.

ID: 1032569

4. Life Yoga, Hong Kong

Hot naked sweaty drippy Yoga.
Copy: “Sweat off your flab.”
That, and your head.

ID: 1032612

5. Milano Ashtanga Yoga, Italy

Total Karma achieved?

ID: 1032785

6. Kinder Yoga, Berlin

Copy: “A more playful approach to Yoga.”
Aw, that’s cute.

ID: 1032747

7. Yoga One, Charlotte, NC

ID: 1032623

8. Absolute Yoga, Singapore

Pose: “restringshoelacesasana”

ID: 1032758

9. Pondicherry International Yoga Festival, India

Traffic cop is chill and flexible.

ID: 1032712

10. Pure Suthee Yoga, Thailand

“Yoga classes for advanced students.”


ID: 1032777

11. Karma Yoga, Canada

ID: 1032635

12. Master Kamal’s Kryoga, Thailand

Very smart, nice-looking campaign.

ID: 1032878

13. Fitness Network, Malaysia

Yeah, but the Grim Reaper can smell you.

ID: 1032792

14. Yoga Sutra, Mumbai

Position: Upward Facing Middle Leg.
That back’s a bit long, Photoshopping art director.
Never let reality stop you from making a penis.

ID: 1032582

15. Y Yoga Center, Shanghai

Probably just a comp, but a great idea.

ID: 1032798

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