15 Crazy Yoga Ads

Celebrate the ancient art of tearing muscles.

1. Pure Treatment Rooms, UK

Very nice.

2. Lotte Yoga School, The Netherlands

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stimulating his third chakra.
The pose is called Dwi Pada Sirsasana, fyi.

3. Guangyin Yoga, Shanghai

Press note: “In the Shanghai CBD, we placed a small-sized wooden box in the street. We asked our yoga master to get inside the box. Every time someone passed by, a hand would reach out with our club business card. Surprise!”
It’s a pretty smart (and damn cheap) idea for a local business.

4. Life Yoga, Hong Kong

Hot naked sweaty drippy Yoga.
Copy: “Sweat off your flab.”
That, and your head.

5. Milano Ashtanga Yoga, Italy

Total Karma achieved?

6. Kinder Yoga, Berlin

Copy: “A more playful approach to Yoga.”
Aw, that’s cute.

7. Yoga One, Charlotte, NC

8. Absolute Yoga, Singapore

Pose: “restringshoelacesasana”

9. Pondicherry International Yoga Festival, India

Traffic cop is chill and flexible.

10. Pure Suthee Yoga, Thailand

“Yoga classes for advanced students.”


11. Karma Yoga, Canada

12. Master Kamal’s Kryoga, Thailand

Very smart, nice-looking campaign.

13. Fitness Network, Malaysia

Yeah, but the Grim Reaper can smell you.

14. Yoga Sutra, Mumbai

Position: Upward Facing Middle Leg.
That back’s a bit long, Photoshopping art director.
Never let reality stop you from making a penis.

15. Y Yoga Center, Shanghai

Probably just a comp, but a great idea.

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