10 More Photos Drenched With Irony

Or at least, definite inaptness.

1. Well, I guess he is happy for now, what with his ill-gotten goods.

ID: 1242388

2. Mud and/or shoe polish. He is ironically competing, no doubt.

ID: 1242393

3. Poetic injustice, at the least.

ID: 1242394

4. Very circumstantial irony, but I accept.

ID: 1242412

5. At some point during the graffiti process, this became ironic. Via England, of course.

ID: 1242397

6. LOL, “printers” — an ENDLESS source of irony.

ID: 1242424

8. Indisputable irony.

ID: 1242434

9. What? It’s way more ironic than “rain on your wedding day.”

ID: 1242439

10. Via the Highlands. See, because waste usually comes OUT of a chinney, right? Nevermind.

ID: 1242419

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