11 Ads Ruined By Creepy Clowns

Three times it’s OK to use clowns in ads: 1. For a circus. 2. For a horror movie. 3. There is no third time.

1. 1947 ad. Jesus.

ID: 1340549

2. 1964 ad. “I’m no longer a working clown. I just persue Variety every day to find my next victim.”

ID: 1340552

3. 1959 ad. “It saddens me that the youngest victims scream the least.”

ID: 1340554

4. Today, no one in Knoxville will talk about the day “Bobo” blew his top.

ID: 1340559

5. 1928 beer ad. A drunk German clown. RUN, sweetheart. Run.

ID: 1340546

6. 1912 ad. “Gladden”

ID: 1340556

7. For some reason back in the early 20th century, the Zu Zu ginger snaps mascot was this drunk flasher clown.

ID: 1340562

8. “I like watching Suzi practice in her sexy underwear. Yeah baby. Don’t fall baby.”

ID: 1340564

9. And they still haven’t found my body.

ID: 1340572

10. 1957 ad. “Hey chicks, when a clown goes down, the girls never frown.”

ID: 1340573

11. 1937 ad. It was at that moment that the clown realized the strongman could be very helpful, very helpful, indeed.

ID: 1340567

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