10 More Unfortunate Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

This is to(o) funny.

1. I would say “neigh” to that sandwich.

ID: 1212318

2. Via Finland.

ID: 1212322

3. A sidewalk of shame.

ID: 1212340

4. Via Ireland.

ID: 1212326

5. Ermahgerd! That’s a good deal!

ID: 1212350

6. I’m sure you’ve seen this guy’s ESL ads.

ID: 1212329

7. Let’s slip an epic type kerning lesson into the mix.

ID: 1212337

8. Via a UK McDonald’s. That embarrassing incident when your spelling mistake is so bad, it’s actually another word that makes very good sense.

ID: 1212346

9. Via Walmart, that bastion of quality control.

ID: 1212325

10. Via the bakery at Walmart.

ID: 1212344

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