10 More Really Embarrassing Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

Today’s abused words: Africans, congratulations, angel, and Satan.

1. But…they spelled inconvenience right?!?

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2. Every June, all across America, millions of “congratulations” cakes are made. And about 57% have the word spelled wrong. ISN’T IT IRONIC?

Via: Cake Wrecks.

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ID: 1296350

4. Sometimes, it’s not your fault. Like when you buy this thing at a dollar store, and they include a “D” instead of a “B”, in which case, you can celebrate the “dearth” of days left in your life.

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5. Also important — le t t e r spacing.

ID: 1296363

6. Hmm…That’s a lot of protein.

ID: 1296367

7. A wife’s note to her ungrateful husband.

ID: 1296368

8. Commas, sometimes, are VERY important.

ID: 1296371

9. This is how you troll bad grammarians.

ID: 1296373

10. Well, Obama is a smoooooth operator.

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