10 Funny, Creative Pro-Marijuana Ads

Happy 4/20, Buzzzzz-Feeders.

1. “Weeds” (The Philippines)

Spliff-erific partially-rolled up poster promoting season 3 of Weeds on DVD.

ID: 1093846

2. “Weeds” (Sweden)

Now that’s a Fatty.
Bouquets of hemp were sent to press and media agencies to promote the premier of the show in Sweden. Copy on the card: “Weeds. Seriously Good Shit.”

ID: 1093829

3. “Weeds” (New Zealand)

This 3-D billboard with two six-foot sandwiches and some prop buds in baggies was actually erected by Prime TV near Auckland. Copy line: “a single mom dealing with life’s problems.”
The ad agency reported that the fake weed was quickly stolen (probably by the people from the ad agency).

ID: 1093823

4. High Times Magazine

You older BuzzFeeders will recognize that this video is a parody of this classic, melodramatic (seif-edit: mellow-dramatic) marijuana PSA from the 1980s.

ID: 1093826

5. SustaiN Fertilizer

From the ad agency press note: To deliver the message that SustaiN (fertilizer) grows more grass for your cows, a giant 8m marijuana joint was installed right across from the main gate to the New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays.

ID: 1093838

6. Destiny Herbicide

Via Australia.
OK, technically not pro-weed.
But the fact that a huge company like Bayer put this stoner stock photo dude in an ad is pretty goddamn amazing.

ID: 1093839

7. Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy)

ID: 1093841

8. Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a hemp store in Calgary.
There, now you don’t have to smoke today.
Two more Grass Roots ads below.

ID: 1093832

9. Grass Roots

ID: 1093833

10. Grass Roots

ID: 1093835

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