10 Billboards Cleverly Disrupted

Disrupted by vandals, shadows, floods, and car crashes.

1. Via Ukraine. Ad for a TV channel.

ID: 1297335

2. Swimsuit ad via Budpest. During the recent floods.

ID: 1297341

3. Via California, a local police ad gets subverted.

ID: 1297344

4. All cameras and eyes were on this Kasey Kahne crash — and Michigan Lottery billboard — during the Quicken Loans 400 earlier this month. He was unhurt.

ID: 1297346

6. New York’s master of ad disaster, Poster Boy NYC, busts a subway board for Fast and Furious 6 (original copy: “All roads lead to this”).

ID: 1297409

7. Poster Boy nicely updated a subway map.

ID: 1297429

8. One more from Poster Boy. During Occupy Wall Street, the NYPD received a $4.6 million donation from Chase.

ID: 1297991

9. Somebody is having cheeky fun with the NYPD’s ominous “POST NO BILLS” warnings.

ID: 1297474

10. Via Dublin. Feels nice, the break, doesn’t it?

ID: 1297336

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