10 Best Big Ads On Buildings You’ll Ever See

If you’re got a big idea, a big ad can make a big impact.

ID: 1274045

Via Shanghai.
Ad for Midea fans. That’s the Haitong Securities building in the foreground, fairly famous in the architectural world for its unique wave design.
Very smart, and a bit unnerving.

ID: 1274046
ID: 1274049

In 2008, The BBC (ad agency BBDO NYC) created scenes on the sides of buildings made from coaxial cable as part of a promotion to get people to ask their cable companies to carry BBC World.
Second ad below.

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ID: 1274055
ID: 1274056

Allstate Ad in a Marina City building in Chicago from 2008.

ID: 1274057
ID: 1274058

From 2006, via Chile.
Building companies in Chile don`t work on weekends. So Lego’s ad agency (IDB-FCB) created this cool as fuck installation atop a skyscraper in Santiago.

ID: 1274059
ID: 1274064

From 2008 in Toronto.
Three Rapunzel style installations where set-up (blond, brunette, redhead). Over two days, stuntmen climbed up and down the ponytails, while on the ground, free samples of Pantene anti-breakage shampoo were handed out.

ID: 1274065
ID: 1274066

Via Auckland, NZ.
In 2008, This real Kill Bill, Vol.1 installation was erected near a busy Auckland intersection to promote a local channel’s screening of the movie. Bloody impressive.

ID: 1274067
ID: 1274068

Via New Zealand, from 2010.
Very cool use of lighting to promote Law & Order on NZ Channel 3.

ID: 1274069
ID: 1274073

So simple. So smart.
Via Malaysia in 2007, for Penline tape.

ID: 1274076
ID: 1274071

Amazing installation from 2008 in NYC for Crest Glide dental floss.
Get that pork out from between your teeth.

ID: 1274072


The 15 most creative double billboards ever.

ID: 1274078

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