34 Things Argentines Know To Be True

Your neighboring countries think you’re too stuck up. But seriously, aren’t you the best ever?

1. You eat meat… A lot of meat… Any type of meat…

Meat, meat, meat, meat.

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2. Fernet and Coke are the go-to drinks at any party.

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3. But wine is also your specialty.

You know how to make them and how to drink ‘em.

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4. This is what birthday cakes look like.

Lets be honest, chocotorta is the best thing you’ll ever eat.

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5. You know you need to take a nap at 2 pm because you won’t go to the club til 2am

If anyone arrives before 4am they’ll be pretty much dancing by themselves.

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6. Maradona is the best soccer player, end of discussion.

STAFF / AFP / Getty Images

Or should we just call him D10s?

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7. Well, Messi is the OTHER best soccer player ever.

Albert Gea / Reuters
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8. Watching ANY soccer match is almost like a religious experience.

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9. Since we’re talking about soccer… Left: real football, right: handegg?

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10. If you don’t spend your Sunday watching soccer you’re probably watching rugby.

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11. But seriously, you are REALLY passionate about soccer.

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12. You’re far too used to economic crises .

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13. You treasure these because you never know when there will be a shortage of them.

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14. You take pride knowing that some of the greatest inventions, like the ballpoint pen, came from Argentina.

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15. Dr. Favaloro invented the bypass surgery. Decades later he committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart.


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16. And Golf Sauce!

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17. 6 million alfajores are eaten per day… BECAUSE OMG THEY’RE SO GOOD!

Although that number probably went up since the last study was performed in 2010.

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18. Graduating from college is both fantastic and disgusting…


So I just spent four years studying so I could be covered in eggs, ketchup, and flour? Great.

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19. You don’t say ‘che’ that often, but when you do you’re not necessarily talking about this dude.

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20. No, we don’t all know how to dance Tango.

Flickr: gerardstolk / Creative Commons

But thanks for asking a gazillion times, anyways.

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21. Everyone has a relative from Spain or Italy or both!

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22. You’re tired of artists saying we’re the best audience ever, we know it already.

And of course we are!

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23. You can’t buy these legally.

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24. Sadly you know anything can be fixed with a little bribe.

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25. Talking about politics will always end up in a fight, so you try your best to avoid it.

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26. But it’s impossible to forget you had five presidents in one week.

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27. At any given moment, somewhere someone is protesting for something.

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28. You take pride in all you do… Like the widest avenue in the world being in Buenos Aires.

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29. And you just can’t get over the fact that Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America.

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30. Every summer you watch as this melts.

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31. And hit the beach to work on your tan.

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32. This happens far too many times, regardless of the season.

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33. The most beautiful women live here.

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34. Clearly you’re the best, because even the pope is Argie.

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters
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