..and The Spudnuts Doughssant Was Born. Santa Barbara….GET SOME!

One day Spudnuts decided to have a baby and that baby was called The DOUGHSSANT.

Remember those early morning rises during college or those I-Don’t-Want-To-F*cking-Work mornings followed by a crap-ass 30 minutes of getting “ready”?

Yeah, I know. Its like that endless-descent nightmare coming back to haunt you every time you open your eyes.

Well..for all you damn Santa Barbara’ers, I have a solution. Other than your sandy beaches, perfect weather, and the creation of the Funk Zone….damn you SBers

Behold: The birth of the Doughssant.

Alright people, this isn’t your regular doughnut and croissant baby…its a spudnut (Doughnut made with POTATO FLOUR) and croissant baby. *inhale*

I’m telling you, screw the regular ol’ doughnut. Spudnuts are like a hybrid of cake and doughnut. Which means cake+spuds+doughnut+croissant= REVOLUTION.

Omg…look at it…don’t you just want to get naked and swim in a pool full of doughssants? I sure do… In nakedness doughssant glory.

Okay just one more time…

Damn you SBers w/ your ocean breeze and casual-wear clubs.

LA folk hate you.

On a nicer note…here you go SBers…. Enjoy!


BTW, Spudnuts Goleta is open 24/7. GETTTTT SOOOOME SON!

For God’s sake people…

go get a doughssant already!

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