16 Reasons Why Miniature Horses Should Get More Attention

Hal Holbrook called them “an abomination” in that movie with Jim from The Office. Well pipe down, Hal, because miniature horses are tiny and awesome.

1. They wear shoes and they help people.

guidehorse / Via guidehorse.com

And they do it for free because miniature horses don’t have pockets.

ID: 945432

2. Look! More horses helping people.

guidehorse / Via guidehorse.com

And more horses wearing shoes.

ID: 945437

3. Sometimes they look like dachshunds

mycrappyneighbor / Via mycrappyneighbor.com

And you’re all like “oh wow it’s a dachshund!” And they’re like: “no, I’m a horse.”

ID: 945444

4. Sometimes they get tired

You just yawned after seeing this, didn’t you?

ID: 945450

5. They make other animals guilty because they aren’t being as helpful

discovery / Via blogs.discovery.com
ID: 945459

6. Horses helping people helping horses

ID: 945470

7. They are wicked good at sports

ID: 945478

8. They are really good navigators

polylasthorsefloors / Via polylasthorsefloors.com

They are like GPS units that bite you sometimes when they’re hungry.

ID: 945501

9. They are always down to party

gotpetsonline / Via gotpetsonline.com
ID: 945507

10. They freak dogs out a little bit

blogspot / Via megibug.blogspot.com
ID: 945518

11. They like weird hats

ncsu / Via www4.ncsu.edu
ID: 945525

12. They sing like no one’s listening

ID: 945531

13. Seriously. Just look.

freewebs / Via freewebs.com
ID: 945535

14. They are kid-sized

gotpetsonline / Via gotpetsonline.com
ID: 945543

15. For real, look at that tiny person riding that tiny horse

freewebs / Via freewebs.com
ID: 945545

16. They are always up for day drinking with humans

blogspot / Via psamp.blogspot.com
ID: 945554

17. Cheer up emo horse, you’re internet famous!

ramadan-karim / Via ramadan-karim.com
ID: 945551

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