13 Dogs Who Are Really Concerned About Sequestration

Think humans have it rough when trying to understand the details of the impending automatic federal spending cuts? Try being a dog, man.

1. 1. These guys are wondering if their research and development funding will be impacted.

ID: 938919

2. 2. These guys are worried about the lack of dog representation on the Super Committee.

shellypandah / Via s1012.beta.photobucket.com
ID: 938952

3. 3. This one is not hopeful that a bipartisan solution will be reached.

ID: 938973

4. 4. This kid fears a drop in U.S. credit ratings and increased market uncertainty.

ID: 938991

5. 5. Here’s one who is skeptical of across-the-board cuts without adequate revenue.

ID: 939050

6. 6. This pup is worried about the uneven impact of sequester on local communities.

kelseyvacation / Via kelseyvacation.tumblr.com
ID: 939064

7. 7. This guy is utterly terrified of harsh austerity measures.

thestar / Via thestar.com
ID: 939073

8. 8. His 401K has already taken a pretty big hit.

ID: 939098

9. 9. This dude has stopped watching the news all together.

dogtime / Via dogtime.com
ID: 939110

10. 10. This one is actually not that worried at all.

wikipedia / Via en.wikipedia.org
ID: 939120

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