10 Homemade Holiday Epics Full Of Heart!

Cute Critters in Creative Creations!

1. Kiss your Snowman Slippers Goodbye! Oh and a Singing Doxie!

Max and Sadie’s Holiday Madness / Via

2. A New Holiday Classic? ChiwahWAH!

A Christmas Dog in Mexico / Via

3. Sadie’s Holiday Greeting, a Tail of Rags to Riches!

Sadie the Former Barn Cat / Via

4. Sammy Spreads Holiday Cheer in NYC

Everybody Loves Sammy / Via

5. Kitties Helping, um “Decorate!”

Shorty The Cat / Via

6. Brock The Boxer is Equally as Helpful with Decorating!

7. I Heard It (I think)! Mishka says “Christmas Tree”

Mishka the Talking Dog / Via

8. An Awkward Family Photo Come to Life!

Gary Larkins / Via

9. Eric Charming the Friench Bulldog Ponders the Holiday Creatures

Eric Charming / Via

10. My Oscar’s Telling of the Grinch Tail like you’ve Never Seen It Before!

Oscar Madison NYC / Via

Oscar Madison NYC

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