30 Signs You Grew Up In Sacramento, CA

There is a whole lot more to being raised here than being in the Capitol.

1. In elementary school you took a field trip to Sutter’s Fort and dressed as pioneers

Via Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park
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2. You also spent a lot of time as a kid at the Train Museum

ID: 1584315

3. You were so excited when your parents took you here for the day!

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4. You have plenty of memories of running around McKinley Park as a kid (before it burned down and was rebuilt)

ID: 1584318

5. This was the BEST place to have a birthday party!

Via A. Sargis
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6. You know/were someone each year in Sacramento Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker

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7. Depending on where you lived you either thought Burr’s was the best spot for Ice Cream (East Sac)

ID: 1585260

Or Vic’s (Land Park)

ID: 1585266

Or Gunther’s (Curtis Park)

ID: 1585272

8. When in fact the best spot for desserts was Rick’s Dessert Diner (Mid-Town)

ID: 1585280

9. You’ve taken several tours of the Capitol building and know/are a parent who works there

Via Thomas W. Toolan
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10. You believe that the Sacramento Kings will rise again and relive the glory days of the 90s

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11. You’ve been to the Downtown IMAX theater for both school and for fun!

ID: 1585310

12. The Downtown Plaza is now the sketchiest mall you know

ID: 1585346

13. While Arden Fair Mall has turned into the swankiest mall in town

ID: 1585372

14. The architecture of the pyramid building has never made any sense to you

ID: 1585402

15. Even if you didn’t go to either Christian Brothers or Jesuit, Holy Bowl was still the biggest game of the year!

ID: 1585426

16. You’ve always been able to tell why Sacramento is nick-named The City of Trees!

ID: 1585456

17. You know from experience how much concerts suck in Arco (excuse me) SleepTrain Arena

ID: 1585467

18. You’ve also learned from experience to avoid Midtown on Second Saturday unless you love watching drunks

Via Eric Fredericks of neighborhoods.org
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19. You know what the BEST burger in town is! Long live the cheese skirt!

Via Bill Binns
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20. You’re proud to say that the Kings will forever more be from Sacramento!

Via Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images
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21. You either love going or have never gone Rivercats games

ID: 1585552

22. Memorial Auditorium will always remind you of your walk across stage to recieve your High School Diploma

ID: 1585572

23. You know the best spot to spend 4th of July, go Trick-or-Treeting and look at Christmas lights is the Fab Forties!

Via Jay Canter
ID: 1585601

24. You only go to Old Sac when relatives are in town and you need something to do

ID: 1585618

25. If you enjoy theater than you make sure to come out for Broadway Sacramento at the Community Center theater each year

ID: 1585626

26. You learned long ago that the best thing about Sac State is that Tom freakin’ Hanks is an alumni!

ID: 1585631

27. The best spot to check out indie/foreign films is Tower Theater!

Via Ken Osborn
ID: 1585651

28. You always say you hate the State Fair yet you return year after year anyway

Via Cal Expo
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29. Hands down best Fro-Yo in Town: Big Spoon Yogurt (preferably the original East Sac location)

ID: 1585687

30. The new giant bunny at Terminal 2 of the Sacramento Airport will never make sense to you

ID: 1585695

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