8 Traits That Candy Crush Addicts Have In Common

Play at your own risk.

1. Every time you close your eyes, you see a screenshot of the latest Candy Crush level you’re stuck on.

“Get it out!”

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2. Your fingertips have lost sensation due to excess screen tapping.

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3. The first thing you do every day is check to see if your friends have unlocked you.

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4. And if they haven’t, you start texting them like crazy to get to it… like, NOW.

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5. Yet, you see no problem playing in the middle of a real, live conversation with said friends.

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6. And you’ve spent WAY too much money on lives/unlocking/color bombs.

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7. What keeps you going is the orgasmic sense of relief every time you pass a level.

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8. But of all the addictions out there, you know there are others that are way worse.

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9. Because, let’s face it — at least you’re not watching reality TV.

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