17 Dads Who Prove That Men Never Really Grow Up

We still love you, dads. Even when you act like 22-year-old frat stars.

1. The dad who creates suggestive scenes while his son is asleep and defenseless.

ID: 1929132

2. The dad who turns his baby into a mini Groucho Marx while his wife is away.

ID: 1929133

3. The dad who picks his straight son up from the airport.

ID: 1929136

4. The dad who discovers he is a 16-year-old raver in a 40-year-old’s body.

PLUR baby, PLUR.

ID: 1929138

5. The dad who decides to keep his daughter around for one more year.

ID: 1929140

6. The dad who throws some shade at his son’s shvantz (or lack thereof).

ID: 1929141

7. The dad who plays dead and freaks out all his neighbors.

Ohhh Daddy got run over by a reindeer…

ID: 1929142

8. The dad who really wants a Twinkie. Like right now.

ID: 1929152

9. The dad who can’t help but kiss his entire baby’s face.

“You are so cute, I could literally eat you.”

ID: 1929153

10. The dad who is 2 hot 2 handle.

ID: 1929483

11. The dad who truly couldn’t give two sh*ts.

ID: 1929422

12. The dad who finds his daughter’s hair extensions.

ID: 1929160

13. The other dad who finds his daughter’s hair extensions.

ID: 1929163

14. The dad who styles his daughter’s hair the only way he knows how.

ID: 1929335

15. The dad who posts about his son’s fake surgery.

ID: 1929176

16. The dad who hacks into his son’s iPhone.

ID: 1929412

17. The dad who lip-synchs to his daughter’s tantrum.

ID: 1929533

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