Lazy Costume Guide To Comic Con

If you don’t feel like putting together an elaborate costume for Con, you don’t have to. Some examples of the lazy costume.

1. Wear your favorite Super Hero’s uniform in lazy T-Shirt form

3. Bonus! Have a lazy cape!

9. Couples can go lazy

10. WAM BAM, lazy Iron man Costume

12. You could just wear this lazy epic hat

13. Or just sport this lazy epic backpack

14. Or wear a lazy sweatshirt

15. Bonus! Have a prop.

16. Mashup a lazy T-Shirt with a lazy sweatshirt

18. Captain America was the most popular lazy costume this year at Con

21. like, a lot of lazy Captain Americas

23. A+ for the matching lazy hat

24. I see what you did there… with the matching lazy pants

25. Bonus! Have a lazy hood that doubles as a mask!

26. Final lazy costume tip: dress as lazy bacon. Bacon is always welcome

Photos by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

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