How To Pose Like A Cosplayer Pro

Half of cosplay at Comic Con is mastering your pose. Here are the steps and tips to doing it well.

1. Get someone to hold your bag

ID: 639439

4. Or just put it on the ground

ID: 639449

7. Get off your cell phone

ID: 639446

9. Get that mask on

ID: 639457

12. And your gloves

ID: 639445

13. Get your ears ready

ID: 640151

14. Stand in an open space

ID: 639452

15. Adjust

ID: 639447

16. Get into character

ID: 639454

17. REALLY get into it

ID: 640152

18. Find the camera

ID: 639453

19. No, over here

ID: 639436

20. Now hold

ID: 639437

21. Hold it

ID: 639455

22. And that’s how you pose like a cosplayer pro!

ID: 639443

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