21 Fluffy Animals To Help You Unwind After A Long Day

Sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath and look at some cute.

Take a deep breath and press play…

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1. “Relax, you deserve it.”

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2. “Just imagine yourself petting my lovely coat.”

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3. “This fluff is proud of you.”

ID: 2872216

4. “Today, you may pet my fluffy lumps.”

ID: 2872193

5. “Say it with me now, ‘Aaaahhh.’”

ID: 2872258

6. “Look into my fluff and feel a worry-free world.”

ID: 2872262

7. “Fluffy butts cure all stresses.”

ID: 2872265

8. “Just try and clear your mind…”

ID: 2872266

9. “It’s OK! You can pet the screen!

ID: 2872273

10. “That’s it, it’s time to unwind!”

ID: 2872286

11. “Oooooo”

ID: 2872290

12. “Ahhhhhh”

ID: 2872356

13. “Fluffy winks are the best winks.”

ID: 2872303

14. “I’m so soft!”

ID: 2872311

15. “Come relax with me and my luxurious coat.”

ID: 2872359

16. “Meeeeeeeep.”

ID: 2872313

17. “You earned this fluff break.”

ID: 2872317

18. “Time to take another deep breath…”

ID: 2872328

19. “Cuddle up and let the worries of your day wash away!”

ID: 2872325

20. “Take one more deep breath in, please.”

ID: 2872333

21. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

ID: 2872321

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