22 Capybaras Bein’ So Fancy

You (should) already know.

1. Pedro who keeps to his rule of at least 5 helpers getting him prim and proper before heading out for the day.

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2. Massages? Part of a normal routine.

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3. Samson brings patriot to a new, classier level.

ID: 3149228

4. Yeah, Teresa had diving lessons. So fancy.

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5. If you aren’t showering in a waterfall, you’re doing it wrong.

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6. Here’s Leonardo munching on some supreme watermelon.

ID: 3148697

7. Only fancy persons have fancy creature accessories.

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8. Oh my, the decadence Darnell brings to a simple scarf.

ID: 3149231

9. And Sandra! So posh bringing in the New Year.

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10. Every capybara has a bird therapist/hair stylist as displayed by majestic Michaela.

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11. Oh yes, Gari is sure to keep his svelt figure with his personal trainer.

Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News / MCT
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12. Gari ensures her fitness with a dietician always on call.

Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News / MCT
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13. Cheesecake’s been drinkin’ watermelon.

ID: 3149357

14. And literally calls everyone to the yard.

ID: 3149359

15. Literally nothing says luxury like a single gloved nap in the sun.

ID: 3149465

16. Yep.

ID: 3149479

17. Summer without popsicles is basically no summer at all, according to Herman the capybara.

ID: 3149543

18. When it comes to aromatherapy baths, it’s not a question of “if” and more of a question of “when”.

ID: 3149549

19. What, you never just wanted to wear a bunch of petals?

ID: 3149578

20. More scarf brilliance by the adorable Peter.

ID: 3149581

21. And hors d’oevres must always be served on a whimsical log.

ID: 3149667

22. Number one fancy rule: always get the seat with your back to the wall for power and general mystique.

ID: 3149669

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