19 Things You Should Know About Anchorman’s Very Own Baxter

Like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.

This past Saturday, I had the honor of meeting the real star of Anchorman 2…Baxter.

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I was nervous but I felt better because Baxter had promised to wear matching PJs in order to recreate the best sleepover in movie history.

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Watch the full, emotional, groundbreaking video here:

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To summarize, these are the most important things I learned from this film legend:

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1. He sleeps in the nude.

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2. He is only interviewed in the finest of places.

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3. He still speaks Spanish.

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4. He uses his earned right to be fashionably late.

But it’s OK because a dog’s gotta pee when a dog’s gotta pee.

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5. He loves a good prank.

(And got me pretty bad.)

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(I maybe should’ve taken off my slippers when I saw this sign…)

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6. He is related to a shark.

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7. His affinity for scotch went up in preparation for this new film.

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8. He is confident in his advice skills.

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9. He nasty.

ID: 2155112

10. He has his own set of rules.

ID: 2154952

11. But still respects the law (even if it means covering for a co-worker).

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12. He absolutely does NOT like when you state the obvious to him.

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13. And sadly, he will not be eating wheels of cheese anymore.

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14. He loves Snapchat.

ID: 2154987

15. He knows the best places AND he’s a romantic.

ID: 2155093

16. This is all because he is very sensitive.

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17. But even when he gets down on himself, he pulls himself right back up and finds his confidence.

ID: 2155054

18. Most of all, he makes everyone in his presence exceedingly happy.

ID: 2155232

19. After all, he is the best.

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