These Dogs Shaking In Slow Mo Are Both Amazing And Hilarious

Carli Davidson compiled the most stunningly adorable portraits of dogs doing the thing they do best: shaking it out. Get ready for a permanent smile while you scroll through some of the pictures featured in her new book, “Shake”.

1. Before you check out some of the glamour shots, check out more of the stars in this crazy sexy cool video of the dogs during their photoshoot:

Video available at:
ID: 1845211

2. Introducing, droopy Mane…

ID: 1845221

3. …Earnest Dax…

ID: 1845225

4. …Smooth Roz…

ID: 1845228

5. …Serious Vito…

ID: 1845231

6. …The Rascal Roscoe…

ID: 1847846

7. …Merry Mort…

ID: 1847831

8. …Silly KaDee…

ID: 1845236

9. …Brave and Fluffy Obiwan…

ID: 1847857

10. …And Bodacious Bella!

ID: 1845243

11. All photos by the awesome Carli Davidson pictured here with her pal, Norburt.

ID: 1845237

12. Check out more from Carli (and get her book!) here!

ID: 1845300

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