The 29 Most Cat Things To Ever Happen

“Just livin’ my life, NGAF.” — all cats, everywhere

1. Being generally disgruntled at the state of the world.

Level of Cat-ness: Planning world domination.

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2. Getting stuck in things.

Level of Cat-ness: Hiding where your human can’t find you for hours and hours and making them freak out that you’re lost because LOL GREAT JOKE.

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3. Finding five-star modes of transportation and riding them like a queen.

Level of Cat-ness: The phrase “where I fits, I sits.”

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4. Taking over the internet, one cute quality at a time.

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Level of Cat-ness: Resenting the Meow Mix commercials but loving to watch Animal Planet.

ID: 1845051

5. Being a warrior.

Level of Cat-ness: Pretending to be independent, feeling fine about relying on a human for food.

ID: 1844924

6. Knowing how bomb your body looks when placed on a glass table and admired from below.

Level of Cat-ness: Hair balls.

ID: 1843696

7. Sitting comfortably in a shoe.

Level of Cat-ness: Shitting in a shoe.

ID: 1843622

8. Killing it on a Roomba.

Level of Cat-ness: Getting offended when someone suggests you get a manicure.

ID: 1844883

9. Refusing to walk on a leash.

Level of Cat-ness: Having some goddamn self-respect.

ID: 1844813

10. Cheesin’ while your friend is visibly annoyed.

Level of Cat-ness: The phrase “IDGAF.”

ID: 1843596

11. Getting into crazy places.

Level of Cat-ness: Pooping on your human’s bed as punishment.

ID: 1844946

12. Falling asleep standing up.

Level of Cat-ness: Playing with a fluffy toy, getting it confused with your tail, attacking your tail.

ID: 1843649

13. Cleaning your feets in an adorable cup only your adorable self could fit in.

Level of Cat-ness: Bringing your human a dead bird, not understanding why they don’t want it.

ID: 1843712

14. Making sure you have your private time.

Level of Cat-ness: Scratching all your human’s furniture to make it your own.

ID: 1843782

15. Bossing around the dog.

Level of Cat-ness Purring when your human scratches the exact right spot.

ID: 1844071

16. Falling asleep studying.

Level of Cat-ness: Getting fat and blaming it on your fur.

ID: 1844129

17. Chillin’ in small box, a big box, any sort of box.

Level of Cat-ness: Contemplating the meaning of life.

ID: 1845023

18. Knowing how to get attention when you want it.

Level of Cat-ness: Moving all the clothes out of the drawer so you have a place to sit.

ID: 1844152

19. Staring down the dog when he’s being easy.

Level of Cat-ness: Bragging that one day you will catch that damn red dot.

ID: 1844187

20. Immediately regretting underestimating an opponent.

Level of Cat-ness: Being as bitchy as possible when a new cat comes to live with you.

ID: 1844845

21. Sleeping adorably with your brothers and sisters.

Level of Cat-ness: Scratching all the keys off of your human’s laptop.

ID: 1844250

22. Owning the dog, comfort-wise.

Level of Cat-ness: Curling up into a cold, empty bath. *NO WATER*

ID: 1844691

23. Creeping.

Level of Cat-ness: Sitting on all pieces of black clothing.

ID: 1844516

24. Being sexy as hell.

Level of Cat-ness: Sharkcat.

ID: 1844898

25. Being generally suspicious.

Level of Cat-ness: Not settling for bullshit generic catnip.

ID: 1844832

26. Debt.

Level of Cat-ness: Being confused why your human is taking the treasures you meticulously leave in your litter box.

ID: 1844536

27. Finding the strangest places to sit.

Level of Cat-ness: Making fun of the dog for wanting attention.

ID: 1844522

28. Perfecting red dot-getting strategy.

Level of Cat-ness: Running into the other room when anybody new enters.

ID: 1844618

29. Touching God.

Level of Cat-ness: Thinking you are God.

ID: 1844209

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