The 27 Cutest Easter Things To Ever Happen

Chicks and bunnies and bunnified kittens, oh my!

1. This little dude who is eager to show off his new rabbit buddy with everyone.

ID: 2806427

2. This bunny and kitten who only get closer during Easter festivities.

ID: 2806436

3. This gal who doesn’t mind looking a little silly when she can look this cute doin’ it.

ID: 2806762

4. GAH and this bunny and kitten duo.

ID: 2806441

5. This kitten who cheered up his friend who was worried hiding easter eggs was “passé”.

ID: 2806446

6. This pair who are going to be EXTRA good at hiding eggs this year.

ID: 2807156

7. This kitten who always gets a little cranky when she can’t find the Easter eggs.

ID: 2806602

8. And these two rough housers are always the highlight of the party.

ID: 2806493

9. This sweet pug bunny delight.

ID: 2806680

10. These sleepy heads who make this holiday all about family.

ID: 2806688

11. This cat who appreciates his bunny’s hard work creating a perfect Easter feast.

ID: 2806689

12. This guy who went all out this year with his ears but now is a little self conscious.

ID: 2806760

13. This gal who knows how to nail a theme DOWN.

ID: 2806727

14. This ferret who loves celebrating too!

ID: 2806739

15. <3<3<3

ID: 2806696

16. This sly bunny.

ID: 2806753

17. And this chill bunny.

ID: 2807091

18. This basket treat with his little feets!!!

ID: 2807140

19. This bunny who was so taken aback by the decorations, she fainted.

ID: 2807100

20. This one who know she’s the REAL Easter present.

ID: 2807117

21. This chicken who’s getting REALLY into being authentic this year.

ID: 2807103

22. This cat who just wants the Easter egg hunt to start NOW.

ID: 2807113

23. Of course, this Easter family to win all Easter families…

ID: 2807124

26. This little one who prefers to use her basket as a snooze zone.

ID: 2807137

27. And this guy who just wants to wish you a Happy Easter the only way he knows how.

ID: 2806746

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