The 19 Most Adorable Teacher’s Pets

Annoying teachers and students alike since the beginning of time.

1. He’s devastated that it’s Saturday.

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2. He memorized his teacher’s coffee order right off the bat.

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3. She bothers her teacher for the 1% she got wrong on her test.

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4. She doesn’t need glasses but she’s hoping her teacher will think she’s smarter for it.

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5. He’s aaaall about “edible extra credit” even though he needs none.

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6. She’s super excited to show off her new running shoes to her teacher.

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7. He does his homework days in advance.

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8. Sick days are the worst days.

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9. She spent all summer completing the reading for the following year and just found out the teacher changed it all.

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10. Teacher asks for one thing? She gives her three.

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11. He raises his hand in the most obnoxious way possible.

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12. He will do ANYTHING for an “A”

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13. He constantly gets to class before everyone else.

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14. When the teacher says “jump”, he jumps.

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15. They always volunteer to bring the class pet home but they never know what to do with it.

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16. She doesn’t even care her “teacher’s pet” status deprives her of friends; she’ll swing on her own if it means swinging into her teacher’s heart.

ID: 1520444

17. He laughs too hard at the teacher’s puns.

He doesn’t know what being “kicked out of math class for one too many infractions” means but he’s laughing. He’s laughing so hard.

ID: 1520193

18. She stares down and intimidates anyone who dare become the teacher’s pet above her.

ID: 1520285

19. This one’s got it down though.

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