The 15 Most Epic Puppy Stampedes

‘Cause there ain’t no party like a puppy party cause a puppy party stampedes.

1. The DIDSOMEONESAYWALK?? Stampede of 1283

2. The Heroic Intruder Banishing Stampede of 1976

3. Ye old Corgi Stampede to Greet Human at Door of 1999

4. The Dinner Time Stampede of 1809

5. The Love Attack Stampede of 1662

6. The Honor of the Queen Stampede of 1592

7. The 1989 Stampede for the Sake of Stampeding Stampede

8. The Deadly* Dinner Stampede of 1976


9. The most important stampede to date: The Unconditional Love Stampede of 2013


11. The Tragic* Newspaper Shortage Stampede of 1898

*Tragically cute, I mean.

12. The Intrepid Stampede to the Dog Park of 1562

13. The Crunchy Leaves Stampede of 1704

14. The 1904 Mountainous Stampede Toward the Mysterious “Upstairs”

15. Finally, the Epic Slow-Motion Stampede of 2010.

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