32 Reasons Every Day Should Be National Dog Day

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, but let’s be real: EVERY day should be dog day.

1. It’s just fact: Dogs are the best thing this world has to offer.

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2. They are just the most adorable creatures…

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3. …and they are ALWAYS excited to see you.

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4. They can be very helpful.

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5. And they show us just how cute it is to snuggle up with your best friend.

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6. They know how to make the best out of every situation.

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7. They’re not afraid to make you laugh.

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8. They are resourceful when it comes to carpooling.

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9. They have the most adorably awkward smiles.

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10. And they’re ALWAYS up for a goofy photo session.

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11. They’re cool with cuddling up and staying in…

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12. …and will totally help you out at the store.

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13. They show what real commitment to exercise is like.

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14. Their love simply sees no bounds.

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15. They’re excellent friends to each other…

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16. …and are always up for cosplay.

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17. They make the absolute BEST older sibling.

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18. Or twin.

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19. They are also weirdly excellent drivers.

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20. They ALWAYS give much-deserved welcome-homes.

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21. They are the cause of roughly 65% of smiles around the world.

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22. They are the BEST moms.

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23. (Seriously, the best.)

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24. And they are ready to protect from day one.

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25. This is basically the cutest thing to ever happen so I’ll just leave this here, thank you.

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26. They understand how you feel when everyone sings “Happy Birthday.”

Translation: awkward.

ID: 3683057

27. And grace the world with their beautiful, inspiring tummies.

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28. They can be just as lazy as you.

ID: 3683184

29. They know you need love even if you don’t know it yet.

(Or they just want your beef jerky. either way, it’s adorable.)

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30. They’re not afraid to look silly to have a good time.

ID: 3683107

31. Basically, dogs are ALWAYS the best ever, not just today…

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32. And they deserve all the hugs in the world!

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