18 Tear-Jerking Moments Of Soldiers Reuniting With Their Dogs

Grab some tissues, because we’re about to turn on the feels. Every soldier deserves this kind of welcome home.

1. In order to do these videos justice, you need to turn up the volume:

ID: 1946167

2. No time for doors for this guy!

ID: 1946175

3. I mean, the sound this dog makes will melt your heart.

ID: 1946177

4. Tears happen sometimes too.

ID: 1946182

5. When greeting your heroic best friend, running circles around him is very important.

ID: 1946186

6. Quick video break:

ID: 1946683

7. Sometimes being tall is advantageous: You can just get right up there and give your friend a kiss.

ID: 1946187

8. A big leap into the loved one’s arms is always encouraged.

ID: 1946193

9. Leash or no leash: It’s time to celebrate.

ID: 1946195

10. OK, this hug attack is the most adorable thing.

ID: 1946254

11. Sometimes it takes a moment to register, but once it happens, it’s all kisses.

ID: 1946285

12. Multiple dogs makes these kinds of videos even better.

ID: 1946291

13. Even when they’re small dogs!

ID: 1946292

14. One more amazing video break:

ID: 1946688

15. Also, the dogs who just know even before their owner comes through the door.

ID: 1946637

16. Just more proof that dogs never forget their humans.

ID: 1946675

17. The best Christmas present this dog could ever imagine.

ID: 1946676

18. And hey, if you need any more tears, here’s a compilation of some adorable reunions:

ID: 1946633

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