38 Signs You’re A Basset Hound

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a basset hound?” Well, here are some telltale signs that you do, in fact, have the best genes around.

1. You were an adorable puppy and you know it.

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2. Socks are better for warming ears than warming toes.

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3. Your body weight is so evenly distributed this won’t tip you over.

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4. You have the perfect coy smile.

ID: 1360113

5. You prepare and coordinate for all weather.

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6. You don’t take any shit but you don’t make a thing of it. You just don’t.

ID: 1360175

7. You have one day of the week designated to being a lonesome cowboy.

ID: 1360066

8. You run like this and know it’s fabulous.

ID: 1360101

9. You have perfected the “puppy dog eyes.”

ID: 1360111

10. Nay, you INVENTED it.

ID: 1360133

11. And you know how to find the perfect napping places.

ID: 1360114

12. Stairs are also the perfect space for nap time.

ID: 1360692

13. You keep cool when your friends are embarrassing.

ID: 1360069

14. But aren’t above giving a little side-eye when they are.

ID: 1360124

15. Rapunzel ain’t got nothin’ on you.

ID: 1360791

16. You know how to work a fan for a photo shoot.

ID: 1360763

17. No one can tell if you are sitting or standing…

ID: 1360178

18. But you love it because it’s your own secret and you are king.

ID: 1360183

19. You can sleep literally anywhere with your built-in eye mask.

ID: 1360260

20. You have awesome pool parties.

ID: 1360325

21. Beach days? Yeah, you could say you’re the master of them.

ID: 1360778

22. You are great at creating self-portraits but see the value in materials that will wash away. Philosophically speaking.

ID: 1360238

23. You also dabble in video art.

ID: 1360710

24. “OH MY GOODNESS! Your ears are so long! Can you fly? Can I touch them??” is something you hear

ID: 1360810

25. And you’re like, “You’re so clever! I’ve NEVER heard that one before!”

ID: 1360489

26. Eventually, you acquiesce because it means more to your minions. But not without a little sass showing how you feel.

ID: 1360458

27. You surprise everyone with your Hula-Hoop skills.

ID: 1360845

28. You are a kick-ass maid of honor.

ID: 1360508

29. You are sometimes moody.

ID: 1360871

30. You are a fantastic singer.

ID: 1360733

31. You know exactly what you want but know the value of playing a little “hard to get.”

ID: 1360735

32. You believe in true love and growing old together.

ID: 1360746

33. Yeah, sometimes you get bloated, OK? Nobody’s perfect.

ID: 1360784

34. But for the most part, you are perfect.

ID: 1360822

35. And adorable.

ID: 1360858

36. Did we mention you’re perfectly adorable?

ID: 1360870

37. Yes, indeed. You are the perfect specimen…

ID: 1360955

38. …and should be hailed as such.

ID: 1360932

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