22 Signs Your Dog’s An Introvert

Dogs get a rep for being extroverts but, like people, some have a taste for the quieter side of life.

1. He likes his friends just fine but after a few hours, he needs alone time.

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2. And if she doesn’t get this quality time with herself, she gets irritable.

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3. When you have friends over, this is usually what he does.

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4. You might mistake this look for feeling left out but really, he just doesn’t want to participate.

ID: 1368624

5. You often find him standing by the window, contemplating life.

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6. Or hey, nothing at all. There’s nothing wrong with alone time.

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7. She’s not mean to people who seek her attention, but she would prefer they would let her be sometimes.

ID: 1368905

8. Working from home is his favorite part of working.

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9. At a party, you can usually find him giving you this look, begging to leave…

ID: 1369016

10. …Or just in the bathroom, hiding until the social process is over.

ID: 1369057

11. After a social engagement, big or small, she usually does this:

ID: 1369105

12. He often wears headphones with no music playing, in the hopes no one will try and talk to him.

ID: 1369544

13. When someone cancels plans with her, she can’ t help but be like:

ID: 1369177

14. Because this is his ideal weekend:

ID: 1369140

15. Also this:

ID: 1369076

16. He likes playing fetch with you but sometimes is even more content playing by himself.

ID: 1369369

17. When you want to introduce him to new people, he’s all: “Nah, one friend is enough”

ID: 1369449

18. And quiet cuddle time one-on-one with his best friend is always welcome.

ID: 1369501

19. He may be quiet but it makes him a great listener.

ID: 1369293

20. So don’t worry if you find your pal is not as out-going as most…

ID: 1369514

21. ‘Cause introverted does not mean unhappy…

ID: 1369587

22. …and can actually make for a wonderful friend.

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