Proof Cats Are Highly Trained C.I.A. Agents

Is your cat sneaky, agile and weapon-trained? She’s probably a spy.

1. They are incredibly agile.

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2. They can sneak up on victims without being detected.

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3. They’ve developed chemicals* to control your mind.

Their poop harbors chemicals that may make humans go insane.

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4. They are masters of disguise.

ID: 1230201

5. This allows them to remain invisible even in plain sight.

ID: 1235419

6. They know how to transform in seconds.

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7. They speak more languages than they let on.

ID: 1235280

8. They sleep with one eye open.

ID: 1235786

9. Their fighting skills are unsurpassed.

ID: 1235379

10. A side kick is just a casual Friday for them.

ID: 1235393

11. Most importantly, they are extremely brave.

ID: 1235498

12. They also are experienced in the quick retreat.

ID: 1235795

13. If the fight can’t be done one-on-one, they know how to operate the big guns.

ID: 1234829

14. They ride tanks with such ease, it’s as though they invented them.

ID: 1234773

15. Really, they are just well read in military strategy.

ID: 1235562

16. They can quickly read and then dispose of confidential documents.

ID: 1235612

17. If you come across this room, it is probably the C.I.A.*

Cats Intelligence Agency

ID: 1235828

18. Their key defining Spy characteristics? They are sneaky.

ID: 1235263

19. Very…

ID: 1235835

20. Very…

ID: 1235838

21. Sneaky.

ID: 1235289

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