17 Photos Of The Furry Faces Olympians Have To Leave At Home

Behind every great athlete is a great pet.

1. Monique Lamoureaux video chatted with her cutie to make the distance seem shorter.

ID: 2387796

2. Resi Stiegler’s pup is not so into skiing but he will join her for some apres ski action.

ID: 2387812

3. Amanda Kessel got one last hug in as her little pup envisioned the gold.

ID: 2387816

4. Jordan Malone’s pup likes to keep her hairstyles fresh as she awaits her human’s homecoming.

ID: 2388270

5. Briana Decker has a cutie who promised to eat no more pucks before the big match.

ID: 2387819

6. Neither of Jayson Terdiman’s pups understand luge but they support him full heartedly.

ID: 2387824

7. Johnny Weir-Voronov’s pup is a good example when it comes to getting enough sleep.

ID: 2387832

8. This is Gidget who would love Lindsey Jacob Ellis to come back with more bling for her.

ID: 2387837

9. Ashley Wagner’s cat snuck in some selfies so she wouldn’t miss her so much on her trip.

ID: 2387936

10. Meryl Davis’ pup wanted to enter into Figure Skating as well but her fluff matched the ice too much.

ID: 2387917

11. Lindsey Vonn’s pup just can’t stand her leaving and it’s basically the cutest.

ID: 2387952

12. And Lauren Cholewinski has a whole animal fam to speed skate back to…

ID: 2388365

13. Not only does she have that cutie Great Dane but a CHIHUAHUA.

ID: 2388416

14. …Plus a cat and one not-so-furry friend.

ID: 2388426

15. And Gracie Gold’s pup looks into the distance instead of dealing with the week or so apart she has to deal with.

ID: 2388379

16. Alex Carpenter’s little one tried to sneak in her bag, real quick…

ID: 2388186

17. Unfortunately, he had to settle doin’ what all loyal Olympic pets do: root for their owners from home.

ID: 2388188

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