Meet Sheldon, Your New Favorite Zoobaby

Early this summer, a baby serval was born at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and he’s here to claim your heart.

1. Look at those ears!

ID: 1374973

2. And how he’s so contemplative!

ID: 1374967

3. You can’t help but respect the way he poses with a ball, casual but not lacking in poise.

ID: 1374968

4. Stand in awe of his calming powers! The bravery it took to lull this tiger to sleep!

ID: 1374978

5. Marvel in the way he plays with string!

ID: 1374970

6. Don’t be afraid of those eyes, peering into your soul. They see you, they love you, they understand you.

ID: 1374969

7. All we can do now is bow down to this perfect specimen.

ID: 1374976

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