26 Kids Who Look Like Their Doggy BFFs

Imitation is the sincerest form of kid-to-dog flattery.

1. These two who know how to goof for the camera.

ID: 2746115

2. These two giggling stargazers.

ID: 2816981

3. These two who know the value of a good sun spot.

ID: 3187468

4. All these princesses.

ID: 3264587

5. These sleeping beauties.

ID: 3264765

6. These two who know the value of putting two paws forward.

ID: 3264794

7. These howlers.

ID: 3264247

8. These smiling goobers.

ID: 3264593

9. This excited duo.

ID: 3264535

10. This laser-inclined trio.

Okay, so sometimes a cat is in sync as well.

ID: 3264279

11. These two trying to put on their best “mean mug” face but they can’t help but be cute.

ID: 3264583

12. These side-eye twins.

ID: 3264600

13. These card sharks.

ID: 3264546

14. This belly-proud pair.

ID: 3264558

15. These coy gentleman.

ID: 3264783

16. The sleepy adventurers.

ID: 3264561

17. The majestic posers.

ID: 3264755

18. This trio who like to show their support in mimicry.

ID: 2817007

19. These sneaky companions.

ID: 3264569

20. These drowsy cuties.

ID: 3264579

21. The masters of the “I just pooped” face.

ID: 3264599

22. This laughing team.

ID: 3264606

23. These cliquey cohorts.

ID: 2817016

24. These two who know the secret to any good meeting is excellent posture.

ID: 3264346

25. These three who know the family who snoozes together, stays together.

ID: 3264797

26. Finally, these two who pretty much sum up how it feels to have a dog best friend.

ID: 3264723

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