Introducing The Most Dangerous Frenchie On Instagram

Dangerous or just dangerously cute?

1. Meet Danger, the Frenchie who lives on the edge.

ID: 1233643

2. You may think he’s just a simple gentleman Frenchie, but THINK AGAIN.

ID: 1233683

3. His dog tag doesn’t even need to say it for you to know.

ID: 1233708

4. He cut down this tree just by looking at it.

ID: 1233666

5. He has a small but feisty entourage.

ID: 1233618

6. Some call him the “James Dean” of Frenchies.

ID: 1233635

7. But he’s so much more complicated than that…

ID: 1233620

8. Of course, he’s a little vain.

ID: 1233677

9. “Better than a lion, better than a cheetah, YOU ARE A FRENCHIE” is just one of his daily affirmations.

ID: 1233640

10. But he’s actually very spiritual.

ID: 1233700

11. He has impeccable hygiene.

ID: 1233705

12. It takes time to make this look dangerous.

ID: 1233632

13. When he’s ready for the day, the world knows not to mess with him.

ID: 1233707

14. When you see him on the street, you know to just keep walkin’.

ID: 1233648

15. His dangerous side gives him a thirst for adventure.

ID: 1233636

16. He has explored the depths of the most deadly jungles.

ID: 1233638

17. It’s pretty tiring but someone’s gotta do it.

ID: 1233629

18. Even when he lays in bed, he daydreams of MORE DANGER.

ID: 1233679

19. After all, does this look like a face that’s scared of anything?

ID: 1233656

20. He’s even braved and succeeded in the volatile housing market.

ID: 1233686

21. He knows how to be adorable and approachable for investors.

ID: 1233661

22. More importantly, he gets shit done.

ID: 1233651

23. When everyone’s busy thinking outside the box, he’s not afraid to GO BACK IN.

ID: 1233642

24. He even uses a bluetooth.

ID: 1233647

25. This also requires frequent naps.

ID: 1233655

26. He may be a badass in exploring and business but he has a sensitive side…

ID: 1233660

27. …and a great sense of humor.

ID: 1233703

28. So he’s a winner with the ladies.

ID: 1233633

29. Ok, he might be a bit of a ladies man.

ID: 1233711

30. Don’t hate the player…

ID: 1233698

31. Hate the game.

ID: 1233697

32. At this point, you’re probably wondering about the dichotomy that is DANGER, the Frenchie.

ID: 1233702

33. Really, he’s just a lover.

ID: 1233657

34. With a dark side.

ID: 1233645

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