15 Facts That Prove Cat People Aren’t Crazy (They’re Awesome)

The next time you’re accused of being a “crazy cat person,” here’s your ammo. Studies by Hunch.com and the University of Texas Department of Psychology have proven one thing: Cat people are the best of the best.

“Cat people” get a bad reputation…

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Which really isn’t fair because…well, look:

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How could you not be a “cat person” after seeing this??

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If this cat doesn’t convince you, get ready for 15 facts that will…

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1. Only 11.5% of people polled identified as a cat person.

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2. If you identify as a “cat person,” this may explain your individualistic tendencies.

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3. You’re actually more likely to be open to new experiences.

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4. You’re 11% more likely to be introverted.

And 14% more likely to cling to friends at a party.

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5. But you are actually more likely to get lucky in love (if you’re a male).

Ninety percent of women said cat-owning men seemed nicer and more sensitive than non-cat owners.

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6. You’re more likely to be neurotic.

This might be why you got a cat in the first place: to calm you down without the high maintenance of another type of pet (ahem, a dog). So, high-five to self-improvement!

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7. You are 17% more likely to have a graduate degree.

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8. Cat people tend to be more modest.

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9. …and are 25% more likely to favor George.

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10. You are 21% more likely to enjoy puns.

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11. And 10% more likely to send those puns out on Twitter.

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12. You are more environmentally friendly.

A cat’s carbon footprint is more like a VW Golf, whereas a dog’s is more like a Hummer!

VW Source and Cat Source

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13. You are probably less “two-faced” than other people.

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14. And also tend to be more trusting.

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15. That may contribute to your 30% decreased chance of heart problems.

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So if you’re a cat person, you basically deserve all the high fives in the world.

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Fantastic job!

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Congrats on being awesome!

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