17 Dogs Who Shockingly Lost Their Puppy Bowl Bets

These guys just weren’t cut out for betting.

1. “I honestly, truly, did not think Loren stood a chance.”

ID: 2381859

2. “Don’t tell my human, but I bet her. I’m going to miss her so much.”

ID: 2381874

3. “I refuse to pay debt to a baby!”

ID: 2381919

4. “I didn’t think this bet was legally binding.”

ID: 2381937

5. “I bet my shoes and now I have nothing left.”

ID: 2381927

6. “I bet the house, I bet the whole thing.”

ID: 2381953

7. “Fuck.”

ID: 2381970

8. “Mistakes? I’ve made a few.”

ID: 2382010

9. “No more treats, I get no more treats for a year.”

ID: 2381992

10. “Isn’t there some kind of ‘first time bet’ pass on losing??”

ID: 2382068

11. “Look, howsabout instead of all the belly rubs I give up, I give you 1,000 kisses instead?”

ID: 2382024

12. “I’d rather not speak of the disappointing performance Brody put out.”

ID: 2382034

13. “Please, stop gloating for two seconds.”

ID: 2382044

14. “I somehow don’t recall placing said bet…”

ID: 2382072

15. “Please, allow me to mourn my debts in peace.”

ID: 2382057

16. “Oh, what did you say about ‘debt owed’? I can’t hear you through my cute.”

ID: 2382060

17. “A perfect hiding spot is the way to avoid any bets gone wrong.”

ID: 2382112

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