30 Dogs Who Had A Rough Week

Is it the weekend yet??


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2. “I just wanted to party.”

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3. “What? I didn’t fall asleep on the job, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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4. “This entire week has been one surprise hole after another.”

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5. “Not even my book was good.”

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6. “Almost having something might actually be worse than never having it at all.”

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7. “HE started it and I got in trouble.”

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8. “I was tricked…again.”

ID: 3184709

9. “…same.”

ID: 3185597

10. “Just this. This is why I need my weekend.”

ID: 3184727

11. “Even couch time was rough.”

ID: 3185911

12. “Welp, I was outdone like a baby.”

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13. “I literally picked the worst day to start my diet.”

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14. “I just can’t with my co-workers.”

ID: 3184940

15. “Is it possible to have the ‘Mondays’ every day of the week?”

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16. “So, this happened too.”

ID: 3185936

17. “I just need a VACATION.”

ID: 3185145

18. “Ugh, no one wanted to play with me this week. NO ONE.”

ID: 3184991

19. “I made a fool out of myself on a first date.”

ID: 3185010

20. “My co-workers picked on me.”

ID: 3186003

21. “OK, fine. You’re right, I wallowed a little too much.”

ID: 3186007

22. “I swear if you ask me if I’m having a ‘ruff’ week one more time…”

ID: 3185312

23. “I TRIED to be helpful but just got stuck.”

ID: 3185921

24. “I’m just TIRED this week, OK? Can’t anyone just let me NAP.”

ID: 3185051

25. “I keep getting stuck like this at work.”

ID: 3185066

26. “I’m just so sleepy, I need the weekend.”

ID: 3185105

27. “I tried relaxing after work and it didn’t work out so well.”

ID: 3185903

28. “I thought it was Friday every day this week.”

ID: 3185295

29. “Everyone has just been so demanding this week!”

ID: 3185290

30. “This is all I want to do all weekend long.”

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