23 Dogs Who Don’t Even Know Who They Are Anymore

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stop and ask themselves: where did it all go wrong??

1. “Is this a weird looking human baby or have I been the weird looking one this whole time??”

ID: 1681795

2. “When did I become the one who knocks??”

ID: 1669199

3. “I told myself I would never sign up for a dating site but…here we are.”

ID: 1681721

4. “I have no idea why I’m on this train or how I got here.”

ID: 1664490

5. “When did I start stealing from strangers?”

ID: 1669157

6. “I’m so ashamed.”

ID: 1669203

7. “I used to never put up with this crap. Where did my backbone go?”

ID: 1669163

8. “What do you mean it’s a conflict of interest for me to be a bird watching guide? This is all I know.”

ID: 1669200

9. “We’ve hit rock bottom, yes.”

ID: 1669342

10. “I let the pug life get the best of me and now I feel empty and scared.”

ID: 1669443

11. “I feel like an asshole at this point in my life.”

ID: 1681398

12. “I used to take care of myself. Oh, how far I’ve fallen.”

ID: 1669531

13. “I box because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do but what if I’m not a fighter at all? What if I’m a painter?”

ID: 1670245

14. “TBH, I have no idea how I got here.”

ID: 1669543

15. “Trying to remember a time when I respected myself but I…I got nothing.”

ID: 1670250

16. “Turns out, I should’ve been the lion and found some damn courage to say no to stupid costumes.”

ID: 1683286

17. “How did I become one of those people in a three-way relationship?”

ID: 1680224

18. ” ‘You’d be a great seal,’ they told me. ‘You’ll look fabulous,’ they lied. When will I learn to trust myself?”

ID: 1681717

19. “I thought these dots would make me look cool but now I’m just questioning my whole sense of self.”

ID: 1680930

20. “I told myself years ago: no Santa hats. Where did my pride go?”

ID: 1681512


ID: 1681701

22. “I’ll start eating more vegetables but not without shedding some tears for the dog I once was.”

ID: 1681765

23. “I have denigrated myself one too many times at this point.”

ID: 1681772

“I have made my choices.”

ID: 1681615

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