Corgi Finds Love In A Hopeless Place

This Reddit thread recounts a magical encounter between a corgi and a bunny.

1. Ripley the corgi was sniffing around an otherwise bleak patch of grass when he saw something a little different…

ID: 1489609

2. A baby bunny!

ID: 1489605

3. The bunny, a little sad, hopped right into Ripley’s arms.

ID: 1489613

4. They planned to run off together but the bunny was a little timid.

ID: 1489627

5. This was the first time she had met a corgi, so she was understandably nervous.

ID: 1489624

6. Ripley reassured her though…

ID: 1489633

7. The bunny cheered up, which obviously cheered Ripley up as well.

ID: 1489634

8. They started running around together, talking about the future.

ID: 1489616

9. …and all the adventures they would go on…

ID: 1489620

10. Now these neighborhood pals are Adventure Friends for life. Who knows where the world will take them?

ID: 1489621

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