21 Cats Who Deserve An Apology

Because Halloween is for humans, not cats.

1. “No amount of catnip will make this up to me.”

ID: 1804670

2. “I hate Disney, I hate this, I hate you, I hate humanity, I hate everything.”

ID: 1804662

3. “You deserve all the evil that’s coming to you.”

ID: 1804671

4. “My soul has been slain.”

ID: 1804686

5. “I am humiliated.”

ID: 1804687

6. “Just kill me now, I won’t even tell anyone. Just put me out of my misery.”

ID: 1804702

7. “I called 911 for help but no one took me seriously.”

ID: 1804708

8. “Pretty pretty princ-I’m going to annihilate the human who made this costume.”

ID: 1804713

9. “This confirms it: you hate me.”

ID: 1824657

10. “I know you put me in this fat shaming costume to make yourself look skinnier. It’s not working.”

ID: 1826387

11. “Oh, and I suppose you’re the King to my Jester? Cute.”

ID: 1831261

12. “If I could kill you like this spider, I would. No question.”

ID: 1831452

13. “This is why I have trust issues.”

ID: 1831459

14. “If you’re dressing the dogs up as the rest of the YMCA I’m leaving, I’m out. Gone forever.”

ID: 1831457

15. “Cat in the stupid fucking hat. More like cat that’s going to fucking kill you.”

ID: 1833087

16. “My whole life has turned into a numb abyss.”

ID: 1833131

17. “The darkness in my eyes reflects the newfound darkness of my soul.”

ID: 1833088

18. “I feel nothing anymore.”

ID: 1833154


ID: 1833173

20. “My anger is only quenched by my deep sadness.”

ID: 1833416

21. “I have seen the end and this is it.”

ID: 1833176

“I won.”

ID: 1824626

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